Conflict Coaching & Mediation (old)

Conflict Management

You don’t like conflict, and just everybody else hates it too. You know the conflicts that are insignificant and work around those with ease. But some conflicts cannot be ignored, whether you want to deal with them or not. You don’t have to figure this out by yourself.

Voltage Vista can help you avoid feeling paralyzed when you need to deal with an issue that’s doing more damage to your team every day and won’t go away on its own, even if you stop hearing about it (which is, actually, worse).

Conflict Facilitation - Do it When You are Too Close to the Situation

We’ll help you:

  • reduce stress;
  • focus on being a participant rather than trying to participate and manage the conversation;
  • create a strategy to get your team to feel safe enough to discuss the issue; then, we’ll facilitate that conversation.

Conflict Coaching - Do It When You Want to Work on You

We’ll help you:

  • build self-awareness and self-regulation in situations involving conflict;
  • consider the most appropriate strategies to manage a conflict that is currently in progress;
  • talk through your thoughts and feelings about a difficult situation; and
    examine the potential choices and solutions for resolving conflicts.
  • Engage someone when conflict is likely

We’ll help you:

  • prepare for challenging one-on-one interactions, like performance reviews, disciplinary conversations, and other tough situations; and
  • plan different strategies for a situation that could escalate into an unnecessary argument.
  • Anticipate conflict with a group

We’ll help you:

  • get ready to present a topic to a group where you know there will be negative reactions; and
  • handle group facilitation like you own the room.

Mediation - Do it When Conflict Involves You and Someone Else

Both of you have to be willing to engage; we’ll even approach the other person for you to ask them to participate. Our goal is the same as yours: to find a path forward that both of you can commit to, live with, and that addresses the roadblock that got you stuck.

Conflict is uncomfortable, but normal and necessary. Conflict doesn’t have to divide people, but it definitely will when it goes unaddressed. Use it to build trust and your reputation for being a leader who handles tough issues and conversations.