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consistency key

Social media outlets provide wonderfully inexpensive opportunities to raise awareness of your brand, be it personal, professional, or business. Actually, these tools don’t require a significant outlay of cash, but they are costly. They will cost you valuable time and effort. Moreover, if managed poorly, they can compromise your brand which may make you less attractive to potential clients, employers, or customers.

It is important that you determine what you want to communicate to your target audience and that all of your marketing efforts reflect that goal. If you have more than one target audience, you will need to differentiate your messages for each segment, but in a manner that keeps all of your messages integrated.

As you consider the steps you want to take to present to a world that does not know you, keep people connected by setting their expectations.  Essentially, tell them which box to put you in.  Whether we like it or not, people manage information by putting everything into boxes so that they know how to use that information.  Human relationships are no different.  So, pick your boxes carefully!

In short, know why people are interested in you, and make sure those are the people you want to notice you.  Then, keep giving them more of what they want.  If you change what you’re known for, your box, tell people so that they know what to expect.  People don’t help you if they don’t quite get you.  From there, make sure you are consistent!

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