DIY Leadership Tool

The DIY Leadership Tool is my gift to you! I wanted to give you an easy-to-use resource to encourage staff development all year long. Essentially, the DIY Tool is a team-building workshop that will take you (or the person you delegate it to) about 30 minutes to understand and 45 minutes to an hour to complete with your team. Any materials that you might need are items that are probably in your office already.

Here's why this tool is valuable. First, you create a two-way communication channel with your team. You get to hear their perspectives on what it is like to work on your team or in your department or organization while also showing them you care about the culture they have to work in. Second, it build trust among your employees which makes your formal team trainings and retreats more effective because your team will know that those engagements are more than "check the box" exercises.

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