HR Assessments & Compliance (old)

Human Resources

Whether you realize it or not, every aspect of human resources makes your values crystal clear to your employees. Designing your HR function so that it reinforces those values can be a complex and overwhelming task. So, let us do it for you.

We help organizations use their policies for more than management tools. They are the means by which teams and organizations operationalize their values and connect those values to employee engagement and a strong employer brand.

Strategic HR and Needs Assessments

Your HR strategy should do more than satisfy government regulations. An effective strategy improves alignment with your employees, which turns into better services and products for your customers and stakeholders.

We will partner with your team to analyze your organization and pinpoint where to make changes that will make a difference in engagement and employee satisfaction. We want to rescue you from the frustration of trial and error tinkering and give you a road map.

HR Contract Consulting

Is your organization struggling to with staying current, competitive and relevant, when it comes to productivity, your working conditions, and culture?

Let us give you the additional capacity you need to evaluate where you are versus where you need to be. We’ll identify the gaps between your formal policies and procedures, your values, your goals, and how your human resources function operates. Then, we’ll work together to design and implement a structure that gets you there. Most importantly, we partner with your team so that you have a plan to keep moving forward when we leave.

I9 Compliance

Your organization has decided that you’ll hire good employees, no matter where they live because they will be working almost entirely remote. But, there’s no getting around the I9 requirements that require someone to physically verify employees’ right-to-work documents while the employee is physically present (Reviewing or examining documents via webcam is not permissible): Voltage Vista is your for employees who work or live in Southern New Jersey!

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Training

We will partner with you to manage your anti-discrimination employment responsibilities and build a culture that fosters trust and mutual accountability:

  • anti-harassment training for employees and leaders
    (Supervisors and staff members should be trained separately.)
  • anti-discrimination and documentation training for recruiting and talent management;
  • harassment complaint investigations; and
  • policy and protocol development.

We Understand You

We don’t want “managing the consultant” to become another time-consuming! We never forget that you don’t need us if we don’t make your life easier. We maintain our focus while simultaneously:

  • balancing short organizational tenure;
  • meeting demands for a quick turnaround;
  • preserving human connection;
  • maintaining integrity of the goal; and
  • remaining aware of schedules, budgets, and other limitations.

These are just a few factors that inform Voltage Vista’s approach.