Leadership Development & Workshops (old)

You risk so much when entrusting your employees to a consultant  – money, team resistance to new initiatives, and most importantly, time, both yours and that of your staff: effectively engaging a consultant is much more that the date on the calendar. We get that, and we don’t want to squander it.

We become an understudy of your team’s unique needs, whether it is training, a seminar, a retreat, group coaching or something else. Our professionals learn as much as possible about your team and organization because we know generic workshops won’t work. We focus on speaking to the precise nature of your challenges. Once your needs are clear, we design content that achieves your precise goals and helps you move your team toward greater alignment.

Leadership Services

  • What types of leadership development services does Voltage Vista?
  • Leadership Off-Sites
  • Executive and Team Coaching
  • Performance Management Coaching
  • Strategy Planning Sessions
  • Employee and Team Training

Areas of Expertise

  • What areas of leadership development do you focus on?
  • Accountability
  • Change Management
  • Team Alignment
  • DEI and REDI (racial equity, diversity, and inclusion)
  • Anti-harassment compliance, including training
  • Organizational Values & Operationalizing Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict and Teams