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Do you feel like you need to start coming in for a landing relative to how you want to spend the rest of your professional life?  Whether you’re trying to figure out a complete shift in career path or change lanes within your current industry, you’ve probably found a dearth of people who you think can really speak to your concerns without compromising  confidentiality or seeing you as potential competition.

Lets face it:  most us aren’t born just knowing where our professional strengths and interests lie.  Moreover, many of us learn that we need a better fit after we’ve been in the workforce for a while.  Meanwhile, it can be a bit un-nerving to admit that you’re not completely satisfied or that you don’t see a clear path forward.  Your concerns might be even more distressing if you’re not quite ready to pursue a career coach or more aggressive options.

To this end, Pivot Planet may be an option for you.  It is a fee-based service which gives you access to a pool of “advisors” who have a wide range of backgrounds, from executive directors of nonprofit organizations to bridal shop owners to actors.  If you don’t make an investment in career, who will?  If you don’t take the time to explore your interests, does it impact anybody besides you (perhaps your family and friends will resent your chronic complaining)?  Likewise, if you have a strength or skill that you want to share with others, you have a way to share your expertise with people who value your time.

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