What is Leadership?

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Why we want leadership:   
-Leadership is the simultaneous management of chaos and progress.
-Leadership is the ability to see through dysfunction to create a plan.
-Leadership is possessing and leveraging enough influence to rally the moral support necessary to implement a plan and the changes it will bring.


-Leaders are genuinely connected with the people or cause they champion; they are authentic.
-Leaders are committed to their principles, even at the expense of popularity.
-Leaders are able to command respect through their relentless and unapologetic commitment to their purpose.
-Leaders are obligated to have fidelity between their public and private personas.

Effective leadership occurs when it operates in an environment where integrity and fidelity exist.  Internal and external observers must see a common cord between the organization’s espoused goals and actual actions.
-Effective leadership occurs when hard, but honest choices are made that advance long standing goals while not abandoning stakeholders nor without careful contemplation and full disclosure when strategic or substantive changes must be made.

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