The Problems We Solve, The Solutions We Provide

We work with leaders who need our kind of help: we fix people problems. We partner with leaders to implement our unique 3C Approach. The 3C Approach is our method for for working with leaders and teams on compliance, conflict, and culture. These elements of organizational life affect every employee. When we focus on these challenges, we have the tough conversations, change policies and practices that contradict our values (or change the values to reflect what’s actually going on), and create strategies to build intentional cultures. This is how we get your team aligned. 

Organizations who love us call on our expertise when:

  • Leaders need an experienced professional to help them navigate people challenges and understand people-related liabilities.
  • Teams are experiencing high conflict that’s is killing the team’s ability to work together.
  • Leadership teams need someone who isn’t afraid to hold them accountable for setting goals and addressing entrenched problems. 
  • Teams need anti-harassment training and other types of compliance training related to EEO-compliance.
  • Leaders are confronting hard people problems and need to partner with a  leadership and human resources expert to create stragies and solutions to their problems.
  • Access to leadership and human resources expertise is what they need, but they aren’t quite ready for a full-time in-house HR professional.

We become an understudy of your team’s unique needs, whether it is training, a customized seminar, a retreat, group coaching or something else. Our professionals learn as much as possible about your team and organization because we know generic approaches won’t work. We focus on speaking to the precise nature of your challenges. Once your needs are clear, we build what you need to achieve your precise goals and moves your and your team toward greater alignment.