Our Founder’s Why

My Reason for Doing This Work

I'm Mylena, and I believe the work I do with leaders is a calling because people who aren’t happy at work aren’t happy at life.

We spend so much time at work, thinking about work, commuting to and from work, and even defining ourselves by our work that work isn’t some small thing. Every part of it spills over our work/life boundaries because we carry it in our minds. Thus, I believe leaders have a duty to create cultures where teams can thrive. By the same token, constant change, the volume of work, and complex cultural dynamics create environments where leaders and employees often feel stressed and stuck. Yet, leaders cannot afford to do nothing or let cultures and teams grow without guidance.

Over the years, I’ve learned that leaders are familiar with a great deal of leadership theory, but they don’t fully trust it or have time to implement it. I understand this gap, and it’s where my passion lies and where I help. I partner with leaders to mesh their knowledge of their teams and organization with the full range of experiences that I have earned from training and working with teams around compliance, conflict, culture, and change.Together, our goal is to create environments where employees are supported as they do their best work.

This work is important to me because I’ve been that unhappy employee who cried in the car during the morning commute. I’ve also been that boss who was floored when a brave employee gave hard-to-hear feedback: How could anybody be afraid of me? Sadly, I’ve even been that supervisor who thought she was doing a great job of masking her dislike of an employee only to learn that she wasn’t doing such a great job. These daily realities aren’t good for team members, leaders, customers, or anybody else your organization wants to serve. These realities are what drove me to found this business in 2007.

Voltage Vista Consulting focuses on strengthening organizations through the design and delivery of leadership development workshops, employee training, and human resources consulting. Our mission is to help leaders fix people problems and get their teams aligned.


My professional affiliations include the following organizations:
NewsWeek’s Experts Forum, Founding Member
Society for Human Resource Management
New Jersey Labor and Employment Relations Association
Pennsylvania Mediators Association
New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
American Association for Diabetes Educators