HR Assessments & Compliance

Human Resources

Every aspect of how you manage your people and your human resources function makes your values crystal clear to your employees, or at least, your values should be clear based on how you lead and manage. We work with leaders and teams to close the gaps between their values and their day-to-day reality. Although leadership is never easy, it is easier when your team knows that you mean what you say, that your policies are clear and what they’ll be held accountable for.

HR Services & Expertise

  • HR Needs Assessments
  • HR Contract Consulting
  • HR Policy Audits
  • HR Policy Development
  • HR Related Employee Training for Supervisors (i.e., documentation practices)
  • Anti-harassment Training for Supervisors and Non-Supervisory Employees
  • Harassment Complaint Investigations
  • Remote I9 compliance for employees in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

We recognize that the compliance aspects of HR are just the basics. We cover those bases and help our clients operationalize their values and connect them to employee engagement to build a stronger employer brand. Our approach helps organizations look at themselves from the top down and the bottom up to build transparency, make decisions about who they really want to be, and integrate their ideals with who they actually are.

We help leaders frame HR as it actually is: internal customer service that makes your organization a place where people want to work. Whether through focus groups, training, or contractual engagements focused on entrenched people management problems, we give you the additional capacity you need. Our tools and respect for employees enable us to get you data and real feedback that you can use to evaluate where you when it comes to productivity, your working conditions, and culture.

If you are unhappy at work, you are unhappy at life.
~ M. Sutton