methodology communicationConsulting & Conflict Management: The 3C Approach

Voltage Vista created the 3C-Approach, and it serves as part of our foundation for every client engagement. We focus on compliance, conflict and culture because problems in these areas prevent employees from working together effectively.

Our ability to successfully address the 3Cs begins with relationships built on trust. The leaders who hire us often give us unrestricted access to their teams, which means we hold sensitive information in the highest confidence and that we take extra care to avoid carelessly increase a client's liabilities. We also have to gain the employees' trust. Often, we  have to assure employees that we will protect their identities when they share information and that we can be trusted when we say that they will not be punished for their candor. Ultimately, we've crafted the 3C Approach to help leaders and teams feel safe and demonstrate that we understand their needs.

We achieve the goals of the 3C Approach by utilizing tools like the following:

  • Focus Groups
  • Employee Surveys
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Off-Sites


Workshops, Compliance Training, & Leadership Development

We hate "check the box" training as much as you do! We also know that the time and resources that you invest in training are significant. In turn, we make sure participants get the most out of our engagements by customizing the content and designing curricula that fit into your employee and leadership development strategy. We also customize our trainings to include relevant policies from your organization to help you address challenges, inconsistencies, and facilitate communication. Our goal is to help our clients develop learning cultures where training and workshops are are truly valued.