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Team Retreats & Off-Sites

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Workshops & Trainings

that are anything but boring

Consulting & Tools

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Trust & Coaching

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Meet Mylena!

Voltage Vista is a leadership development and human resources consulting company founded by Mylena Sutton in 2007. We help leaders address people problems through powerful and innovative leadership development seminars and training, consulting, and coaching. But we’re not the typical consulting company that comes in, creates a boring report or seminar, and then leaves you to deal with the problems on your own. Voltage Vista is different:

We Get People To Change – Our unique storytelling style makes employees put down their phones, learn new skills, and actually use them.

We Help You Build Credibility -Leaders and team members across the organization see the positive changes in the people and culture and recognize that you’re the catalyst.

We Support You Long-Term – We’re here for support when and if you want a coach to help you navigate your organization's culture or when unforeseen conflicts threaten to derail your leadership efforts.

We Save You Time & Energy – We take people problems off your plate so you can focus on the parts of your job that only you can do.

If you or your team are struggling with compliance, conflict, culture, or change, give us a call.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to find out how Voltage Vista can help you get your team aligned...so you can focus on building better systems and improving culture.