Feb 19 2024

You are the Expert! What do you believe are the fundamentals of leadership?

How often do you meditate on what you believe are the fundamentals of leadership (i.e., without these qualities, a person cannot be effective as a leader)? Yes, we can read all of ...
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Camp Club Getaway

Sep 10 2021

Camp Club Getaway: Adult Summer Camp!

I hope you had a good weekend! Over Labor Day Weekend, I stepped into a version of myself that I’ve always admired: I attended adult summer camp at Camp Club Getaway in ...
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Dec 16 2020

5 Checklists to Get Your People Aligned for the New Year

Take the beginning of the year to set the tone about what matters to you and your team!  If you take all five steps, you’ll even set aside time for check-in throughout ...
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