organization culture

Oct 4 2018

Why Culture Matters

“Organizational culture matters!”  Few people argue against this assertion. However, many of the same agreeable people are at a loss about how to create or change culture even as they describe the ...
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Jul 9 2018

Money ISN’T Everything, but Free ISN’T Cheap

Confession: I have a client who can’t afford to pay my regular rate. I don’t work with this client often because, well, money. As a self-employed person, money matters to me in ...
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Apr 9 2018

The Culture Crocodile

The Culture Crocodile When I provide training to organizations, particularly large organizations, I make note of aspects of the organization’s culture. While some elements of an organization’s culture take time to understand, ...
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Mar 20 2018

What are Your Team’s Habits?

THE POWER OF HABIT:  WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO IN LIFE AND BUSINESS by Charles Duhigg When we think about organizations, we are more apt to engage in conversations about culture ...
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Rebel within the Lines!

Can you rebel within the lines and have productive and positive relationships with your employer and co-workers?  How you do manage not becoming completely stifled or crushed by organization culture so that ...
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What is “offensive?”

Organization leaders usually aren't excited to talk about workplace harassment. No surprises there. The subject makes many people uncomfortable.  The topic makes all manner of employees, managers and staff alike, uncomfortable because ...
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