Oct 12 2020

Reasons better than, “It’s the Law” to do Anti-Harassment Training

If you only provide anti-harassment training because it satisfies risk management or compliance obligations, it’s time to shift your perspective! If you see it as a “check the box” thing, you’ll convey ...
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Sep 24 2020

Yes, Sexual Orientation is Protected

This past summer, the SCOTUS issued a decision that impacts how employers treat sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. The decision addressed three legal cases all at once, and they ...
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Aug 24 2020

I’M DONE! …Giving Up on an Employee

Which employee are you most likely to give up on first? _______________________________________________________________ Employee 1: Can’t Do: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities You have an employee on your team who has great energy and ...
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Jul 22 2020

Paternalism is a Fail in Employment, Including During Covid

What does it mean to be a fair leader?  What does it mean to be an empathetic one? Consider this situation.   You are conducting interviews and one of the applicants is ...
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Dec 11 2019

Please Be Advised: December 2019 Compliance News

New Jersey Salary Ban:  January 1st! On January 1st, 2020, New Jersey’s Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act law goes into effect.  Essentially, the new law prohibits an employer from an applicant ...
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holiday party dress code

Nov 30 2019

Can I enforce a dress code at the holiday party?

People think all work bets are off when they are not on the clock or at their desks. Whether for good or bad; they are wrong. Anything that connects an employee to ...
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Nov 6 2019

Uh oh! My Manager Received a Harassment Complaint

One of your managers receives a harassment complaint. Do they know what to do? While harassment complaints are never welcomed, they should be anticipated by your organization’s policies. Not only should your ...
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