organizational culture

Apr 14 2024

Do They Trust You?

Harassment training is pointless if this isn’t in place first. When I conduct harassment prevention training, two things almost always happen. First, we spend a lot of time talking about the difference ...
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Mar 18 2024

7 Steps for Incorporating Culture Change into HR Processes, No Matter When the Change Occurs

Often, organizations want to change certain aspects of their cultures, and the need for change is often precipitated by fear of some sort, i.e., potential liability, loss of sales, declining employee morale ...
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Jan 16 2024

A Leader’s Impact Beyond the Office

When I heard about Dr. Antoinette Bonnie Candia-Bailey’s suicide and bullying, my heart sank. I took a long pause because I could, in fact, imagine some of what she must’ve experienced. Experiences ...
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Feb 7 2023

Employee Survey Skeptics Might Have a Point

What's your main reason for distrusting employee survey data? The recommendations arising out of the data are so impractical, costly, or unfeasible that they can’t support be supported without more, better, or ...
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Aug 24 2020

I’M DONE! …Giving Up on an Employee

Which employee are you most likely to give up on first? _______________________________________________________________ Employee 1: Can’t Do: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities You have an employee on your team who has great energy and ...
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Jun 4 2020

Silence is NOT Golden

Note: this message was originally designed to be a video, but due to circumstances beyond our control, it's now presented as text.   It matters that YOU (you personally, not your your ...
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